— For our Friends. —

Making Canadian Winters Mildly Palatable.

Let us face it. The winter is long and cold in Canada. Nobody really likes it—except for a few cross-country skiers and a number of young, brave, American lovers on winter holiday. Even the most inveterate of our senior Canadian citizens do everything possible to visit those States south of Oklahoma during the months of October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May.

We, the inheritors of the Order of Good Cheer, are the first to admit that winters can be difficult and unfortunate. But we refuse to bow to the air pressures of more Northern climes. As a strong antidote to the length and logic of Canadian winters, we hereby propose that approximately every moon shall we meet at one anothers' homes for an evening of dinner, wine, gentle discourse and bonhomie.

Named after the original French L'Ordre de Bon Temps, a French posse chartered under the Royal auspices of the Baron de Poutrincourt and Pierre du Gua, Sieur de Monts in the year 1606, the Order of Good Cheer had as its goal the pleasure of the company of others. L'Ordre's objective was to keep people happy in the new colony through frolic and puppetry.

One of the founding Chavaliers noted that "There were 15 guests (at Poutrincourt's table), each of whom in his turn, became steward and caterer of the day. At the dinner, the steward, with napkin on shoulder, staff of office in hand, and the collar of the order round his neck, led the van. The other guests in procession followed, each bearing “a dish. After grace in the evening, he resigned the insignia to his successor, and they drank to each other in a cup of wine …”

We, therefore, propose the following slim yet strong rules of the new Order of Good Cheer:

  1. We will meet every four weeks or so during these Canadian winters.
  2. Each of the members will bring some nourishment with which to share. Related, there shall be plenty of relatively decent imbibements.
  3. The hosting household can, at its discretion, invite up to 2 additional guests—friends who will uphold the promise of the evening's camaraderie.

We encourage all our Canadian brethren to enjoy in good stead.


Andrew, Anita, Joan, Loren, Glenn, and Alex.

2012 Meetings include: March 17.

2011 Meetings include: January 22, February 19, March 19, and April 9.

2010 Meetings include: October 16, November 19, December 11.


—by Manoverboard.